Bomboniere for your Melbourne wedding

Bomboniere for your Melbourne wedding

Bomboniere¬†is Italian for ‘favour’ and is a small gift given to the guests after the conclusion of special occasions such as weddings. The bomboniere is traditionally made from sugared almonds depending on the occasion.

Customarily for weddings, the Bomboniere normally consists of five white sugared almonds to symbolize wealth, happiness, health, fertility and long life.

For other occasions, other colours are generally used.

The sugared almonds are put into an organza bag for example an tied with coloured ribbon to match the wedding theme. Other containers or glass jars can be used also.

You are only limited by your own imagination when making your own wedding Bomboniere. Other sweet treats can be used to suit your own style and either way, it is generally a lovely thank you gesture.

You can get your Bomboniere pre made by a supplier or alternatively, you can have a fun time making your own and adding personal touches.

Bomboniere Melbourne
chocolate bar bomboniere

Other edible goodies such as chocolates or lollies are good ideas as these food items will hold their shape for a long time. Many suppliers now sell direct to the public in bulk bags and there is plenty of variety out there.

Other Bomboniere ideas can include candles, photo frames and even stubby holders. There are plenty of ideas out there which are also quite affordable yet still lovely. For some ideas, have a look here! Wedding Glasses & Gifts by Groovy Glass

Don’t forget to order at least a couple for yourself. You also want to enjoy your Bomboniere during your honeymoon!

The Italians have their hearts in the right places. These Bomboniere ideas will make your guests remember your wedding in the most positive light possible.

Karine Hart | Melbourne Marriage Celebrant