Circa St Kilda Wedding

Circa St Kilda Wedding of Sam & Karina

Sam and Karina were an absolute pleasure getting to know. When I met them back in January, there was a clear connection between them and we seemed to get along so well, it didn’t feel like a first meeting. Straight away, I knew that their St Kilda wedding day would be something special.

They chose to have a relaxed evening ceremony  at the funky The Deck at The Prince in St Kilda. The sun was shining and absolutely perfect for a roof top ceremony at this time of day. When I arrived I was greeted with a friendly welcome by their parents, family members and friends.

Circa St Kilda Wedding
The Deck at The Prince, St Kilda

Prior to their ceremony, Sam and Karina spent the day together. They had photos taken around St Kilda and when it was time to start the ceremony, they walked down the aisle as a ‘ready to get married’ couple!

When we discussed what to include in the ceremony, both Sam and Karina were keen to share their story, which goes a little something like this. This is a snippet from their ceremony I read out:-

Sam designed a special engagement ring for Karina whilst sneakily getting hints of what she might like. Karina did talk about marriage also so they were on the same wavelength.

As they have the same silly humour and think alike, they quite often will finish each other’s sentences. Both feel that they are like a package deal and are quickly morphing into one!

They look forward to living together as a married couple and eventually seeing the world. They envisage their married life will be like that of their families- long and loving.

Circa St Kilda Wedding
Sam & Karina’s ceremony

Their ceremony also included a parental blessing and the reading On Your wedding Day. Both read their vows to each other and it was clear that their family and friends truly felt happy being there to celebrate such a momentous occasion in their life. Sam’s sister Rachel and Karina’s sister Carley were chosen as the witnesses to sign the register and certificates.

Circa St Kilda Wedding
Sam reading vows

When the ceremony concluded, the guests enjoyed a glass of bubbly and a cocktail reception with the newlyweds.

Photography was by the lovely Carly Ravenhall who was just wonderful to work with and DJ Tim from Algo Rhythm played his tunes with a smile on his face!

I look forward to keeping in touch with both Sam and Karina and also wish them all the best for their future together!

Circa St Kilda Wedding
newlyweds at their St Kilda Wedding

Karine Hart | Marriage Celebrant Melbourne