How do I change my name once married?

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How do I change my name once married?

A question that I get asked very often is “how do I change my name once married?”

This is answered in detail at our first meeting. Here is a quick and easy explanation for you.

On the wedding day after the ceremony, we sign 3 certificates (the Official Certificate of Marriage, my Register and a Keepsake Certificate).

After the ceremony, I present you with the keepsake certificate. As you cannot use this certificate as evidence to change your name, you may choose to frame it and put it somewhere special.

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After the wedding day, I will submit your paperwork to Births, Deaths & Marriages of Victoria which includes the Official Certificate of Marriage.

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As I submit the information online also, I can keep track of the registration and advise when your marriage has been officially registered. (Generally allow 4 – 8 weeks).

I will send you the link so you can then order your Official Certificate of Marriage.

You can use a standard marriage certificate as proof of your wedding for official purposes, such as changing your name on a passport or driver licence.

BDM can only issue a marriage certificate once the marriage is registered in Victoria.

Once you receive the Official Certificate of Marriage, you are then able to use this as evidence of your marriage and request the name change.

In a nutshell, once you are married and the marriage is registered, it is legally recognised. It is up to you to order your certificate to then have your name changed to your new married name.

how do I change my name once married

It is a personal choice to change your name once you are married and there is no obligation to do so.

I hope that has answered the question of “how do I change my name once married”.

If you need clarification, please don’t hesitate to contact me!