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Karine Hart Marriage Celebrant

As a younger marriage celebrant, I generally get asked by a lot of people  “what made you become a marriage celebrant”. The answer is pretty simple;  here’s the story in a nutshell.

When Jason and I were married in 2003, we had a wonderful day but it wasn’t without unavoidable hiccups. The one thing that stood out as being the best part of the whole day was in fact the marriage ceremony.

Marriage Ceremony Melbourne

I’ve always had a fond interest in the wedding industry and I was keen to be involved in the happiness of weddings. I thought about what I could do in the industry that would be rewarding and special and after reflecting on our own wedding day, I chose to commence my studies to become a marriage celebrant.

It was hard work. I was working full time at that stage and would complete my modules late into the nights. I LOVED every moment of it though as I knew that soon enough, with my determination, I would be able to share in the joy of so many wedding celebrations!

I became registered in October 2008 and then chose to complete further studies. I have a motto that I came up with “the heart of the wedding day is the marriage ceremony”. The whole wedding day is not complete without the marriage ceremony which makes it all legal. In my opinion, it is one of the most important elements of the wedding day. As a marriage celebrant, I take great pleasure in standing up there with couples and witnessing such a wonderful occasion in their lives.

Marriage Ceremony MelbourneMarriage Ceremony Melbourne

I’ve had the opportunity to share in many tears and laughter at numerous marriage ceremonies and I love that the couples that choose me as their Marriage Celebrant have such a fun perspective on their wedding as a whole. There is generally no stress as I like to make everyone feel at ease in the lead up to and on their wedding day. It should be a cheerful day with lovely memories and celebration.

Marriage Ceremony Melbourne

So, it started back at our own wedding day with the realisation that the marriage ceremony was definitely the most momentous part of our wedding. There is so much emotion that happens during this time that you will never forget. Along with the nerves, there are moving tears and laughter and of course, lots of love and happiness! This is why I am a marriage celebrant.

marriage celebrant melbourne

“The heart of the wedding day is the marriage ceremony

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