The Point Albert Park

Surprise Wedding Ceremony at The Point in Albert Park

A surprise wedding at a 50th birthday party!

Renowned horse trainer Greg Eurell and his fiancé Danielle approached me just in time to get their surprise wedding ceremony under way.

With just a month and two days before they would surprise their guests, I had to work out a line of attack so no one would suspect they were in fact there for a wedding as well as Greg’s 50th birthday!

The celebration was held at The Point in Albert Park, and after discussion with Greg and Danielle,  Jason and I purposefully arrived half an hour after the function had started.

We decided to pretend we were a duo hired as entertainment for the party. How did we convince everyone?….. Well, I strategically placed the marriage certificates in Jason’s empty guitar case and we were able to bring in my PA without any suspicion. I was a ‘singer’ and Jason was the ‘guitarist’.

During the entree, our table were asking what songs we would play and if they could request Khe Sanh by Cold Chisel! I must admit, it was quite hard pretending to act like a musician, but as Jason is in the industry, he convinced everyone quite easily!

The time had come after entree to announce the exciting news! Greg’s best friend John had the privilege of asking everyone to gather around the dance floor, whilst I put on my wireless headset and organise my PA sound! As soon as John announced why in fact everyone was there, there were screams of excitement and tears of joy by everyone! It was truly such an awesome thing to see as everybody was more than happy to hear this news. After 13 years of being together, there were a few “about time” comments also!

The Point Albert Park
Greg and Danielle Eurell just after their surprise wedding!

The ceremony started a while after the congratulations were given and all went very well.

The funniest thing? Danielle’s mother somehow had the vibe that they would be married that night and in fact got them a wedding card-I couldn’t believe my eyes!

Since their wedding, I’ve had the opportunity of being Greg’s son’s celebrant also.

The Point Albert Park
Greg Eurell with his son Nick

Karine Hart | Melbourne Marriage Celebrant