Zonzo Wedding

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The Zonzo wedding of Jacinta & Corey

30th March 2013

I first met Jacinta and Corey in July 2012 and was so happy to meet a couple like them. We got along so easily and I knew that their wedding day would include a variety of emotions.

Although these guys are total opposites, I could see immediately that they were also like two peas in a pod who knew how to enjoy life together and share some laughs. They chose to celebrate in colourful style at Zonzo.

Zonzo Wedding

On the day of their zonzo wedding, I was greeted by their friends and family as well as Joel and Chloe from White Rabbit Productions.

Jacinta and Corey chose to have a fun bright theme and the pops of colour looked fantastic against the natural backdrop of the winery.

Jacinta had organised their friend Charles to sing and play guitar Make you feel my love by Bob Dylan for the processional  and wanted both sets of parents to give them away so we decided to do a parental blessing.

Zonzo Wedding

Kieran and Stef enlightened us with the personalised story, which was really nice to witness. Jacinta’s brother Damien and Corey’s sister Haylie each did a reading. Haylie got very creative and put something together about opposites attracting and had everyone giggling as they could relate the similarities to Jacinta and Corey’s relationship.

Zonzo Wedding

Jacinta and Corey chose to write their own vows. It was discussed that Jacinta would have quirky vows and perhaps Corey would write more serious vows! Both were beautifully written and Jacinta couldn’t wait to read her vows out. There was lots of excitement in the air and like myself, guests enjoyed witnessing such an uplifting and touching part of the ceremony.

Zonzo WeddingZonzo Wedding

Here is a line from Corey’s vows:-

You are my best friend, my greatest supporter, my most-valued critic.

Zonzo Wedding

Here is a line from Jacinta’s vows:-

We make it work, as our differences bring us laughter, happiness and make our love unconditional.

Their wedding day as a whole included lots of smiles and enjoyment, sentiment and fun.

Zonzo Wedding

I wish Jacinta and Corey all the best for their future together and thank them for letting me be a part of such a memorable occasion.

Zonzo Wedding

My belief is as your wedding day will be one of the most special events in your life, it should reflect who you are as a couple. Wedding ceremonies can be serious, traditional or humorous and it is okay to share tears as well as laughter with your loved ones to bring out your personality on the day!

Karine Hart | Marriage Celebrant Melbourne

Photos thanks to Joel and Chloe from White Rabbit Productions